Why Gurukul System?

In ancient time good education was easy to impart to children since there was greater understanding and harmony amongst family life, the environment and the Gurukul.


1. The Gurukuls have been replaced by schools and colleges which are devoid of value based education.

2. Education system is merely job-oriented, completely void of inculcating ethics and moral values that help to improve society.

3. Parents are too busy to impart good moral values to their children.

4. A large portion of family time is wasted in watching T.V.

Today’s children possess the same latent talent as Arjun, Dhruv and Prahlad. To awaken their potentials children need proper education and right direction. It is with this objective that Sant Sri Asharamji Gurukul has been established with the blessings and guidance of revered Bapuji. The fact that these students have experienced a positive transformation in their lives is a proof enough of its success.

Students are the future of India, the pillars of the world who will bring fame and recognition to their parents. In order to bring fore the hidden powers in children it is essential to develop good moral values, excellent character formation and an awareness of the great Indian culture. India enjoys a place of pride in the educational field, its basic cornerstone being the Guru-disciple tradition for ages.

There was an excellent educational system prevalent in India before the arrival of the Britishers. During the British rule, Lord Macaulay introduced the western system of education discarding the Gurukul system which was to emphasize moral values and the development of inner strength. After independence some organizations tried to change the educational system but were largely unsuccessful in their efforts.

Revered Sant Shri Asharamji has time and again pinpointed highest moral values can be imparted to children as a part of their education and sports curriculum. A small child is like a clay that can be moulded in whichever way you desire. If the right values are inculcated in childhood these children can take the society to the highest domain in accordance with the lofty Indian traditions.

The objective of our Gurukul is to focus on intellectual development while inculcating proper manners, ethics, self-restraint, good behaviors righteousness, an interest in philosophy and spiritualism, yogasan, Pranayam and meditation in the children. This way the children develop a healthy body, cheerful mind and sharp intellect, qualities of leadership while laying stress on personality development. In this way they can become the future leaders of India. Having lofty ambitions and good resolutions they can then develop their capabilities to achieve these goals and be instrumental in the overall development of family, society, nation and the world.

Gurukul Management,

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Gurukul,

Bhopal (MP)