Visit the various exciting Tourist Locations in Bhopal. Along with Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu Gurukul.

Upper Lake

It is a huge water reservoir & is considered to be the biggest lake in Madhya Pradesh. Seeing this “Bada Talaab” one goes absolutely speechless. The lake is the major man-made drinking source for the residents of the city. It offers various sports activities such as paddling, rowing, and motorboats, etc.


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Birla Museum

It is an archaeological gallery started in 1971. The museum has a huge variety and collection of artifacts and remnants from the pre-historic period. Here you can catch a glimpse of the artifacts and tools of the Neolithic and Paleolithic Age..

Gohar Mahal

The palace was built in 1820 which showcases the marvelous architectural genius of the time. Despite the fact that the Gohar Mahal is not efficiently maintained, the porticos of this palace still reflect its majestic appearance and portray the glorious days of the yore. This historical mansion holds an important significance for the state. 


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Museum of Mankind

It is one of the few places in the entire world that has huge collections hailing from the pre-historic era. The museum is spread across a vast area of two hundred acres of land on the Shamla hills. The gallery is an open air exhibition of various tribal artifacts and specimens hailing from the tribal villages in India. It holds a vast library that includes audio and video archives!.

Lower Lake

The Lower Lake of Bhopal locally known as “Chhota Talab” is located in the tranquil surroundings of the magnificent hills. The lake is separated from the Upper Lake by an over-bridge. The lake gives an aesthetic feel for which it has always topped the list of sightseeing places in Bhopal. The lake also provides an opportunity for adventure water sports such as sailing, motor boating, rowing etc. The place is a favourite spot for kids’ entertainment. 

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Lakshmi Narayan Temple

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple (or Birla Mandir) in Bhopal radiates a pious aura. It is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi. Built on a hilly terrain, the temple commands a panoramic sight over the city of Bhopal.The temple is also a museum where you would find beautiful collections of various sculptures that hail twelve centuries back.

Bharat Bhavan

It is a multi-art autonomous museum & is considered to be a center for visual arts and institute for performing. The gallery offers interactive activities in visual, performing and vocal arts. The place is considered to be a thriving center for contemporary art and has won several accolades. It is a must see place for any art enthusiast.  The place is amazingly maintained and all the activities are undertaken by the government.

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Van Vihar National Park

Van Vihar National Park has over 300 species of animals, reptiles and birds. The major attraction of this national park is the white tiger. People from all over the world visit this place to see this exotic animal. The park features a beautiful landscape amidst the incredible world of animals and birds.

Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa has a great historical connection with King Ashoka as well as Gautam Buddha. The place is said to be one of the oldest stone structures of India and it edifies Buddhist remnants.
It is one of the most visited Buddhist sites besides the Ashoka Pillar. The scenic landscaping and awesomely erected Buddhist landmarks at the place makes this site worth visiting. In the huge spherical domes, you will be able to witness Buddha’s remnants. 

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Bhimbetka Caves

The caves happened to be the dwellings of pre-historic man during the Paleolithic era. The paintings in the caves exhibit the development of the human race with time. This site bears immense historic significance owing to the rarest specimens of pre-historic paintings ever discovered in India. The unique specialty lies in the fact that most of these paintings are still in a condition good enough to be studied. There are about six hundred caves framed with exquisite pre-historic paintings. Presently out of the 600 caves only 12 are open for visitors. The caves are located in the midst of sal and teak forests. It has got the World Heritage Site recognition by UNESCO in 2003.

Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum in Bhopal is considered as a priceless heritage of the state. The museum is situated near the Lower Lake and is kept open for visitors, students and archaeologists who wish to visit and studying the artifacts here kept here. The artifacts stored in this museum are different from those found in other establishments. The place also houses old religious statues of ancient times from different empires and kingdoms of the country.

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Sadar Manzil

Sadar Manzil is located adjacent to the Royal Enclave that served as a royal courtroom for the ruling head of the city. The place is constructed with red bricks that give it an attractive appeal. The majestic entrance is entirely carved in wood that leads to a small gate. Sadar Manzil attracts ample number of tourists who wish to view the artistic and architectural beauty of the place.