Objectives of Gurukul

  1.  The Gurukul affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi provides comprehensive education to its students. It aims to attain the highest academic excellence for the students while stressing character building and overall development. The Gurukul inculcates respect, obedience, self­efficiency, good moral character and politeness in its students and so responsibility, discpline and well adjustability members of the society.
  2. This Gurukul provides the necessary framework for “All-Round Development”. Now it’s up to the students  (and their families) to try to exploit this to its Fullest !
  3. The students will be taught to develop the qualities like diligence, bravery, patience, courage and fearlessness enabling them to face adversities of life.
  4. Prayers, chanting of Saraswatya Mantra, development of the pineal gland, meditation, pranayams, yogasanas will be taught in order to awaken the physical and mental strength for the overall physical and intellectual development of the students.
  5.  Our objective is to provide the best possible education while inculcating excellent character traits, as this is a growing demand of today’s competitive age.