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1. The Gurukul affiliated to the CBSE New Delhi provides comprehensive education to its students. It aims to attain the highest academic excellence for the students while stressing character building and overall development. The Gurukul inculcates respect, obedience, self-efficiency,good moral character and politeness in its students so that they can become responsible, discplined and well adjusted members of the society.

2.The students will be taught to develop attributes like diligence, bravery, patience, values and fearlessness enabling them to face adversities of life.

3.Prayers, chanting of Saraswatya Mantra, development of the pineal gland, meditation, pranayams, yogasanas will be taught in order to awaken the physical and mental strength for the overall physical and intellectual development of the students.

4.Gurukul provides hostel facilities to create a safe environment for students against ill effects of western culture. This will create a suitable environment for education so that the students may become intelligent, disciplined and responsible citizens and become a pride for the parents. A cultured, morally sound, intel- ligent, strong, focused student will definitely excel in any field in today’s competitive world. In short, the student should not only illuminate the household but rather the entire world.

5.Our objective is to provide the best possible education while inculcating excellent character traits, as this is a growing demand of today’s competitive age.

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You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. -Clay P. Bedford
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